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What do you do when the tests results come back and now both of you have cancer at the same time? I’ll tell you. You put one foot in front of the other and you move forward. You laugh, you cry, you yell. You hold one another and cherish the time you have together. You lean on a faith you didn’t think you had and trust in an all knowing God. You watch God reveal his favor, as you walk in your faith. And then you learn how to navigate the five steps in front of the house. Scooting down five steps on your bottom or reversing the process and racing up five steps together.

You learn to cherish the memories on those five steps for they will carry you a lifetime.

One Amazon Review: Astounding, amazing LIFE journey. Very encouraging. I laughed and cried and squirreled away the nuggets for times I will need them. As a Christian many of the biblical truths in the book may, or may not, be new to you, but for me, this brought some¬† fresh perspectives and deeper revelations as I read Shavonne’s journey. I would be doing something when a passage in the book would spring to mind, and I had to stop what I was doing to go back and read some more.¬† It is a marvelous book for anyone walking through a hard time, or just walking through LIFE. Highly recommend. I just bought it for 3 friends!

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