Oh My Word!!!!

I get the ding letting me know that ‘hey you’ve got mail’.  I browse through and trash most.  Then there’s that one that says , ‘Wouldn’t you like to win $7000.00 a week for life?’   Well yeah!!!   So what could it hurt to enter the Publishers Clearing House.  I mean you can’t win if you don’t enter right?  And so I did.   And Oh My Word!!!  My email inbox has been absolutely flooded with…you need to do one more thing….you’re almost done….you risk not winning if……yada yada yada.  It is frustrating!  I trash them one b one…..whoa….that one looks interesting and hey I don’t want to lose out on $7000 a week for life.   Now mind you when I first entered it said, ” You are now entered. ”  Period.  That was it.   And it threatens that if I don’t play this game or that game or tell what I am interested in I am not ‘finished’ with entering.  So thankful I don’t put my  hopes in a drawing for many dollars.

It did make me think though, that that is how the enemy works.  Look wouldn’t you like this?  Harmless.  You just ‘enter’ and you don’t have to do anything else.  sounds good.  Sounds plausible.  Then your inbox in your mind and thinking become inundated with oh didn’t we mention you have to do this?  And maybe you have to go here or there?  Or you wont get the reward that was offered in the beginning if you don’t.  Drawing you further and further in and away, until you no longer recognize where you started from.   Just one more game.  Just one more……

Don’t be goaded to go beyond where you know you should.  Don’t be pressured into one more time.  Oh yeah, found out all those Other you need to answer one more question or play one more game email…..well they have nothing to do with that initial Publishers Clearing House entry email.  See the enemy clothes himself to mimic and resemble what he is not.  Be wary.  1 John 4:1 says it this way, ‘ Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God because many false prophets are gone out into the world.’

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