No Tail…No Direction

This summer my honey man surprised me with a vacation on the beach. It was beautiful and relaxing.   One of my favorite things to do is walk the beach.  Just a leisurely stroll taking in the sun, smells and sights.  I will look for unusual shells or pieces of drift wood.  I was at the waters edge when something caught my eye away from the shore line.  A circle rutted in the sand.   A perfect circle.  There in the rut of the circle was a horseshoe crab.  One of good size.  Big enough to make it back to the water.  The tide was out… would be nearly four hours before the tide changed.   No matter the crab was dead.  Now if you know anything about a horseshoe crab you understand the name is derived from his shape.  There is a tail that extends from the more narrow part of the crab.   This poor crab had lost 3/4 of his tail.   The tail is his rudder.  It is how he steers.  Now out in the water the current  of the ocean and with at least that nub of a tail he could do a little steering.  But on the sand, as the waters receded, all he could do was go in a circle.  He tried.  The rut was of a depth.Without direction , without a way to navigate he became exhausted and the heat coupled with  no water resulted in his death.

Without direction ….. without navigation spiritually, you will find yourself going in circle .2 Kings 2:1-2 Gilgal.  lt means ball ring or circle of standing stones. In order to break out of  your rut (circle) , out of your routine (comfort zone ),  Stop going in circles.  Follow the Word till you come in contact  with the power of God.  


Are you in a rut?  Are you losing direction?  Check for your ‘tail”.

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